Shakeology FAQ

I bet you’ve heard about Shakeology, maybe you’ve wondered “what’s all the fuss about?”

Drink it all. Don't like it you can send it back even if the bag is empty.

Drink it all. Don’t like it you can send it back even if the bag is empty.

Sweet Tooth?  Curb those cravings with the healthiest meal of the day.

Sweet Tooth? Curb those cravings with the healthiest meal of the day

Shakeology is great because it’ll help with energy, cravings, nutritional needs…  That is just the beginning.  You learn how to make healthier choices and take better care of your body.  It’s the one two punch of good food and great work outs.  Add me as your coach and what we can do is unstoppable.

Cost, let’s talk about it.  You go out to eat, almost every one of my friends do this regularly.  You may buy that Pumpkin Spice Latte, you probably buy soda/chips/junk.  Cost is relative.  I know that it’s scary to see at first, in fact I avoided it with my first two BeachBody programs because I didn’t see the value.  You’re getting 30 days worth of food at once, the daily value is just over $4 a day.  If you sign up for a challenge pack and get a program you’re getting both for approximately $4.50 a day.

I understand financial hardship, too many bills, living paycheck to paycheck.  I do not want to devalue how hard you work or how you spend your money.  I am here to help you.  If you’re interested and struggling to find a way to make it work I can help.  Not only is there an option of signing up to be a discount coach. But I can also lead you to financial tools that helped my family break out of that cycle.

I want you to be your best self.  This isn’t about looking good but being healthy.  If you’re concerned about committing to a drink you haven’t even tried, I can help with that too.  Sign up for a free Shakeology Packet of your choice.  Limit one per customer.

Please feel free to contact me with any needs, concerns, or questions you have.  Thank you.

*Please note Beachbody Coaches are ineligible for this.  Must be an American Citizen with a US Postal Code or APO.  (Canadians You can too we have Beachbody in Canada!) Thank you again!

About Say Hawk

I am a mother of two, wife of over ten years. I am an advocate for my special needs son and a cheerleader for my family and friends. I don't believe in can't and desire to help everyone find a way to fight their N-E-V-E-R-S.
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