This Takes Bravery

There is something intrinsically terrifying about showing others our flaws. In a world where Photoshop is standard you don’t just share your mom belly. Every day I am asking my friends to be brave, to let go of their habits and embrace change. We are not built to accept change easily. There is comfort in security. We are creatures of habit and even more so the older we get.

Right now it’s hard to imagine your life any different. You can’t see how you could possibly like exercise or that it would really work for you because you’ve tried before. Those “treats” are comforting right now, so what if you’re not quite healthy? You’ve given up before you’ve even started. I know because I was that way for years.

My self image was awful. I’ve never liked attention or ever wanted to be called beautiful.  But I did have the self assurance that I had beauty and value. Two pregnancies and a belly that I could not tame made me feel as if I had no beauty or value outside of motherhood. I felt trapped in a body I hated and worthless.  I couldn’t look at myself, I avoided getting in pictures with my family. I would cry before family events when I knew I couldn’t avoid the camera. I draped my body in anything that would cover how much I hated it. I felt hopeless.

When I decided to commit to change, to myself, I knew it was different.  This time I was sure of why I wanted it. I knew that I couldn’t hate myself anymore, that it was affecting my marriage, my children, my life.  I was deeply vulnerable to hurt because I didn’t feel I deserved happiness.  I thought even if I failed any pounds lost would be better than none.  I didn’t have anything to lose but the weight and the baggage it carried.

I worked so hard for months. I ran, I lifted weights at the gym, and nothing. To be honest I wanted to quit every day. I thought I would never recover from pregnancy, that I would always look that way, and that beauty was for other women. I envied slim moms and friends that bounced back quickly from pregnancy. I envied friends that hadn’t had kids.

I absolutely love being a mother, I was made for this. My children give my days joy and direction. I am sure of this, myself, and my abilities as their mother. But how I felt about myself having had children was not healthy. I didn’t want my sons to grow up to hate themselves or to have unrealistic expectations of the women that will one day be in their lives. For everyone and myself, I had to do something more.

Beachbody gave me the results I wanted in half the time as my previous routine. I was working out 5 days a week.  I was doing a very athletic routine, but it just wasn’t enough. I didn’t have the knowledge of how to maximize my time and work out, for big results.  I didn’t understand how nutrition affects your power, focus, and health.

The money I spent made me more accountable. I couldn’t let my family down by not following through since I had already spent the money. I pressed play every day and didn’t miss a work out for two months.  The results I am posting below are just 2 1/2 months of Beachbody programs. I also run but I have not seen any weight loss with it.

What programs did I do? Almost all of the results are from Piyo. It significantly slimmed my belly and thighs, the parts that were impossible to slim at the gym. I learned how to do push ups, not just the modifier, for the first time in my life. I can do yoga, which I’ve never had the endurance to sit still through. I can do crunches, which let’s be honest I haven’t done those since high school.

I have added the 21 Day Fix to my routine as well.  I wanted to focus on nutrition to really slim the last of my baby weight.  I’ve only completed a week.  I haven’t slimmed yet but I feel the results.  I know that my 21 Day check in will be amazing because it has changed my habits.  On Piyo I would still cheat and have a diet soda or fast food every once and a while.  21 Day Fix has taught me about my hunger, cravings, and how to satiate my body and fuel my performance.

I feel confident and strong because I am powerful.  Yes I absolutely have more work to do.  No I’m not super fit.  I probably shouldn’t be showing you because there are other coaches much slimmer and fitter.  But I want you to see that you have it in you.  That you can be brave and make this change and see the results you dream of.  You don’t have to hate your body or feel overwhelmed.  I want you to know that I want that for you. I understand the journey.  That I share that journey still with you.

Here’s to bravery…

It takes bravery to change and bravery to share this.

It takes bravery to change and bravery to share this.  Top Sept 21  – Bottom July 8       2014

About Say Hawk

I am a mother of two, wife of over ten years. I am an advocate for my special needs son and a cheerleader for my family and friends. I don't believe in can't and desire to help everyone find a way to fight their N-E-V-E-R-S.
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2 Responses to This Takes Bravery

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  2. Ashley Gulla says:

    Awesome! I Love piyo and the 21 day fix!!!


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