Meet Oliver

More than just disabled

More than just disabled… Meet Oliver

In order to raise awareness most of this month’s topics will be focused on the more difficult aspects of our life.  You will learn about the challenges my son faces and the ups and downs we’ve had on the journey.  Before I share all that I wanted you to know who my Oliver is right now.

Oliver loves to sing, everything, anything, always.  We have songs for everything you could imagine, that even includes poop.  He sings to his baby brother to help put him to bed and sings when he’s happy.  He used to only mimic the rhythm of the song but now he knows quite a few songs and can even create his own lyrics.

Every morning we have good morning kisses and a dance party.  We kiss and hug and shake our butts.  If I’m tired or not in the mood, my little Ollie will dance around me giving me hugs and kisses until I give in.  Even when he’s upset he’s very considerate.

He doesn’t really throw temper tantrums instead he has a silent protest.  Ollie will crumple on the ground and just stay quiet until his need is addressed.  I have to say it’s very effective and his little brother has copied this slick move.  Now that he goes to school he hits himself when he’s upset.  He has a much better understanding of emotion but not quite how to deal with them.

If Ollie is bad, which happens to everyone, he will punish himself. There’s a special time out spot that he has, we use it as a calm down place, that he goes to.  He will also try to kiss any ouchies anyone has, including his own. He likes to run his fingers through hair, and rub your face, when he’s giving love.

Ollie absolutely loves learning.  He hates to be told he can’t do something and will obsess until he conquers it.  We are very careful to never say “can’t.”  He used to hate having therapists and teachers to the house, it would overwhelm him.  Now he dances and asks to play school.  He arranges his stuffed animals as his students and teaches them things.

He likes to create things.  I don’t think he loves art so much as creating something for me. He is more prone to make me structures with blocks.  His imagination is boundless and he can make anything with blocks.  As you can imagine we have millions of them, in every variety.

He takes great pride in doing things for himself and being able to help me.  Running water was a big no no for his first years, he conquered his fear of it just so he could help do the dishes.  If I try to clean without him he’ll cry and get very upset that I don’t need him.

He is a hugglemonster and will chase you down with to give love and kisses.  He loves to laugh and tell jokes, he calls this his silly monster.  Ollie cannot stay still for long and will jump in place or dance to keep moving.  He loves exercise, his downward dog is pretty amazing.

I’m trying to quantify a person, a loving, funny, ridiculous little person.  He is so many things besides legally blind, or a child with albinism.  He can’t hide his disability but he is more than what you see.  I hope that the next time you look at someone you try to consider how much more they are than what’s on the surface.

About Say Hawk

I am a mother of two, wife of over ten years. I am an advocate for my special needs son and a cheerleader for my family and friends. I don't believe in can't and desire to help everyone find a way to fight their N-E-V-E-R-S.
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