Truly Capable Shop


There has been a lot of interest over the shirts and many complaints due to the limitations of the previous format.  Today I am proud to introduce the Truly Capable Shop at Cafepress. Now you can get two different designs in baby to plus sizes, even in cute bags. Wear that you care but still be stylish!

Cafepress also will make sure you get your shirt in quick fashion. so you don’t have to wait three weeks or find out that the campaign failed. There are also more frugal options to ensure everyone can find something for them. I can’t wait to hear what you think or get your input on what kind of designs you’re looking for. Thank you all for your support. Stay tuned for new designs for advocacy and awareness.

About Say Hawk

I am a mother of two, wife of over ten years. I am an advocate for my special needs son and a cheerleader for my family and friends. I don't believe in can't and desire to help everyone find a way to fight their N-E-V-E-R-S.
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3 Responses to Truly Capable Shop

  1. shanks324 says:

    Nice shirts! It’s great that you have so many options and something for everyone!


  2. Say Hawk says:

    Thank you for checking it out Kelly!


  3. SH – Thanks for sharing. I really love all the options you have in your store. The bags are probably my favorite, but I also have a soft spot for hoodies. 🙂

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