Save For An Emergency With A Secondary Job:

Save for an emergency with a second job.

Save for an emergency with a second job.

Job searching is hard, soul wrenching work. It seems impossible to stand out from the crowd and get the job. It seems like the bills are ever increasing while job security is declining. If you’re strapped for savings like most Americans, it’s time to get creative.

Your resume is full of what sets you apart. If you really want to maximize your income potential you should consider all of your skills and learn how to itemize your potential. The internet allows everyone the opportunity to network, own their own business, or learn. Whether you crochet or understand html 5 there is plenty of potential for a secondary job.  I scoured the internet, personal experience, and friend’s stories to make a list of alternative secondary incomes you can start right away. Take charge of your fiscal future by getting back to work.

Start a Shop:

Any skill you have can be used. Places like Etsy or Cafepress make it easy for you to set up your virtual doors without worry of start up or coding. I have friends that crochet, embroider, sew, and make vinyl decals. Partner with organizations to sew on uniform patches or design unique tops for girl scouts or soccer teams. These women make everything from mittens to home decor signs. Get your craft on and apply the money earned to your savings.

Part Time Local:

If you’re struggling through the holiday season there are plenty of places hiring. Retail is always in desperate need for more help. The downside is you will work nights, weekends, and holidays. But if child care isn’t a problem doing this as a second job for one season could change your families financial future. Employees get a discount so consider grocery or clothing stores to double your savings.

Freelance Opportunities:

If you’re a writer or a graphic designer you can monetize your talents on the internet. Websites like Fiver allow you to sell your time and designs for extra income. You can make a quick income by providing quality work with a quick turn around. The top sellers have a month long wait. You can also sell more generic designs in your own etsy shop.

Monetize A Blog:

There are legitmately blogs that make $13000 a month by utilizing Google Adsense, Sponsored posts, and Affiliate links. While I am not at this level I can direct you to Blogging On The Side to learn more about monetizing your blog.

Deliver Pizza:

If you’re still thinking “none of these work for me” consider getting a part time delivery job for a restaurant or fast food place. Any Pizza Place will be hiring and are very popular during the holidays. Consider other options too like Chinese or places like sub shops.

Dog Walking/Baby Sitting:

It is much easier to increase your client base now if you’re a dog walker or baby sitter. is a great way to reach new people. All forms of caretakers can utilize this site. There are also Craigslist jobs and wanted to watch, I just caution safety.

Computer Care:

This is one I’ve done even overseas with the military. Run scans, do back ups, replace hardware, etc… If you’re computer savvy this is a great way to make funds on the side. Every home has a computer but not every user is comfortable with how they work, use this to your advantage. Consider teaching a local computer course.

Internet Coding:

If you are a whiz at coding programs you can make a fortune, from blog themes to website troubleshooting, the internet is your playground. There are shops on etsy that include simple social media buttons to entire website themes. The opportunities are endless.


Make a video guide of how to do what you do, whatever your talent is and sell tickets. This is a growing form of business and works incredibly well for hands on. Think of Craftsy their entire system is built on this foundation.


This is a very popular especially around the holidays. Set yourself up with a Facebook like page, make your prices clear, be professional, and make money by increasing your craft. Every year I search for a local photography, I’m hopeful I found the one but as a mother this is a craft that will never go out of style.  Consider selling photos for stock or to bloggers for additional income.

Get Fit:

Teaching a fitness class is a great way to stay on top of your health. It’s fantastic to motivate others. It also brings an average earnings of $20 a class. It’s easy to schedule around your family and is a healthy alternative job. You pay up front for the certification and training but you will see an immediate return on your investment.

Multi-Level Marketing:

This is a popular and timeless option for women. It allows you to sell your favorite products on the side. Companies like Avon and Jamberry to what I do with Beachbody. To ensure you’re with a reliable company and not part of a scheme, do your research. Look at the history of the company, their statement and goals, and growth projections. Not all MLM’s are equal, look for one that will provide you the training you need to be successful.

Sell Everything That isn’t Tied Down:

Craigslist everything. If you haven’t used it in three years and don’t plan to use it in 1 it should not be in your home. Sell it all and save the extra cash. Someone else can make use of it and you are committed to your fiscal future.

Every skill you have can be used to barter and sell online. Use what you have and ensure your emergency fund is fully funded. Having a $1000 stash will protect you from going into further debt should an emergency arrive. If you’re willing to live like no one else now, and sacrifice, you will be able to live like no one else later. I’d love to hear what odd jobs you’ve done to bring in income. Join us in our Frugal Christmas & Debt Free New Year Facebook Group to contribute to the conversation.
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  1. tabethawells says:

    There are some great ideas here. Lots to work with! I wish I was a skilled crafter…


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