About Me


About Me

About Me

I’m Say, a childhood nickname. I’m a mother, advocate, writer, and certified fitness instructor. I adore my family and am inspired by them daily. My oldest child was born with albinism, is legally blind, and has a speech delay.  I advocate to spread awareness about the rarity of albinism and legal blindness.  I hope every special needs family can find support, resources, and strength through the shared journey.

I firmly believe that the only way you can be the best parent you can be is by taking time for yourself and taking care of your health.  I know that we all face challenges and struggles, that fitness really can seem impossible.  I have COPD and asthma.  I completely understand all the reason’s why it’s hard but I see daily how anything is possible. I believe that you are capable and powerful and can do anything you dream.  I hope to help you reach those dreams.

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I want your story.

I want your story.

I am interested in doing a series for Special Needs Family’s and Adaptive Fitness for those with injuries.  If you have a blog I am willing to cross promote.  If you’d like to write an article you will be credited.  If you want to contribute without writing I would love to interview you.  The goal is to raise awareness about many issues faced with these needs and create a collaborative and inclusive community.  Please contact me if you’re interested.

Featured Bloggers will need 4 posts, to be shared every Sunday for the month. They will be featured on the Featured Bloggers Page for the duration of the month. This is currently unpaid. This is to share other voices for advocacy and awareness. Topics must focus on family, special needs, fitness, health, and adaptive fitness.


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