It's Time To Date Yourself

It’s Time To Date Yourself

You Deserve To Love Yourself

The longest relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself. This is also the relationship that takes the most abuse and neglect. If you were checking out your virtual dating profile, would you be into you?


Too busy for life

Too busy for life

Let Too Busy Go

You are tired, overwhelmed, rushed, stressed. It never ends. Seriously when do moms get a break? You get up early, you go to bed late. You’re behind on tv and you can never seem to make it out with friends…


Stand for Motherhood

Stand for Motherhood

M Is For Mother Not Martyr

Get out of the house. Make time for you. Exercise early and have some wine at night. Try and find some balance. You are valuable. You are a person. You are also a mother. Before you get lost in the holidays and the stress of even more tasks, find some time for you. Take November to find your balance. Join this perfectionist in learning to live with imperfection…


End The Socially Acceptable Anorexia

End The Socially Acceptable Anorexia

The Truth Of Starving Yourself

As a woman I was taught to eat very little, avoid fats, and sugar.  It was perfectly reasonable to be addicted to diet soda, to use aspartame over real sugar, to not eat every meal.  We have a culture that…

We all have challenges, end the no excuses ideology.

We all have challenges, end the no excuses ideology.

No Excuses Ideology Is Not Inspirational

No Excuses. I have kids. I work full time. I have a disability. I have a chronic illness. I did it what’s your excuse… The No Excuses Ideology started out as a motivational story to inspire people…

I believe in the power of dreams

I believe in the power of dreams

I Believe

I have opened the door wide into my role as a mother.  But I’m getting a lot of questions about me.  I thought it would help to take as a second and introduce who I am outside of motherhood.



The key to real success.

The Key To Your Dreams

Overwhelmed, lost, hopeless, have you completely given up?  It is my personal goal to meet everyone and leave a positive impact wherever I go.  The more I reach out the more I hear this common theme of “everyone else but me…”



When did I become a runner? I do not own this image.

When did I become a runner? I do not own this image.

I Am What I Do

When I first started running I couldn’t call myself a runner.  I ran every other day for months and still couldn’t give myself the label of runner.  The runners were people that ran races, completed marathons, wore shorts…



This Takes Bravery

There is something intrinsically terrifying about showing others our flaws. In a world where Photoshop is standard you don’t just share your mom belly. Every day I am asking my friends to be brave, to let go of their habits



Rest the chores will keep.

Rest the chores will keep.

Hey Mom, Take A Break

I am a leaky faucet of snot.  As gross as it sounds it’s even worse to deal with.  I taught my youngest the tissue up the nose trick and he giggles every time he looks at me. I am fortunate…



Do SomethingIf You Want More, Be More

Focus on making each day better than the one before and build a solid and happy future for yourself. If you want a new life, new body, new job… You have to make it happen…



IMG_1861What’s My Motivation

Do you spend more time pinning workout motivational quotes than moving those feet?  Having a bad day?  Here are some of my top tips to get moving. Start that music.  Sometimes  all you need is the right mix…



Kind YouYour Inner Voice Matters: Be Kind!

“You are fat, lazy, worthless, good for nothing!  Why can’t you do this?  You can’t do anything.” The first big truth of fitness is how much of your physical output is determined by your mental toughness. The target health zone…




beforeafterThe Journey

I am stepping out of my comfort zone to post a before and current picture of my weight loss.  I have lost 55lbs to date from my heaviest.  My journey is no where near it’s end…



No Matter My Why

Keys dangling in the transmission, car in park, I sat in the driver’s seat bawling.  A desperate need not to get out of the car, to drive any where else, do anything else.  The house was dark save for the…


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