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Meet The Blind October

All month long Truly Capable will be focused on National Disability Month with a focus on Meet the Blind.  On this page you’ll find every topic that relates to make it easier to navigate. Explore topics and raise awareness about Legal Blindness and Albinism.

Join Us for October Disability Month Meet The Blind

Join Us for October Disability Month Meet The Blind

Dwellings Today!

Your money will help NOAH continue to provide free services for the newly diagnosed, help families make it to conventions, provide free resources to teachers and schools… Their outreach may be quiet but is still impressive and has a direct impact on those with albinism…



What’s In An Eye Exam

You know what’s in an eye exam.  You stood 20 feet away, or where the nurse told you to, and rattled off letters until you were cleared. So what’s really in an eye exam? What’s all the fuss?



Don’t Panic It’s Just A Gene

“Well it didn’t come from our side of the family.” One of the first things we were told when our family met Oliver. Followed by “It must be from you, you did it.” I have very fair skin and dark…


Contribute to NOAH

Contribute to NOAH

Meet The Blind Virtual Campaign

Update Breaking News: Dwellings is still on. I am hoping that if you cannot physically join us to “Meet The Blind” that you will participate in this virtual campaign. If you have even $10 to donate to The National Organization of Albinism & Hypopigmentation, that would be amazing. Donate and share the graphic on the right with your friends. You are an Advocate and You are AMAZING! Let’s make the last week of National Disability Month October huge!


trans_love_is_blind_basic_body_suitTruly Capable Shop

There has been a lot of interest over the shirts and many complaints due to the limitations of the previous format.  Today I am proud to introduce the Truly Capable Shop at Cafepress. Now you can get two different designs….



Meet The Blind In Local Paper

As an adult I’m not always a fan of the mail. Usually it’s full of bills and dire warnings of things you should be doing or paying. You may get a stack of junk and if you’re lucky a coupon

Dangers Lurking At Home

Dangers Lurking At Home

Danger Danger

Wednesday 2012, the week of Thanksgiving, I got a call at work. “Ollie is bleeding very badly and needs stitches, you need to come home and take us to the hospital.” I worked at Target at the time and it…

Be Kind, Say Hello

Be Kind, Say Hello

The Power Of Stares

Every time we go outside we feel the weight of stares. We have neighbors that won’t respond to a greeting but love to look through their windows at us as we practice the White Cane. Every restaurant, grocery trip…


Dear You

Dear You

Every Voice Matters

I have been blind since birth and I am always struggling to fit in. The world needs more people like you I woke this morning to this message in my twitter account. It touched me greatly. This isn’t the first…



National White Cane Day

Today is National White Cane Day.  We celebrated with some local sight resources.  Thank you North Central Sight Services for a fun event.  Today you get two guides what you should and shouldn’t do when you see someone using a white cane.



Mobility For Legally Blind Children

There is a national shortage of Mobility and Orientation Instructors. I have also found from experience that many teach children as they would teach an adult. Children learn from play and from emulating their parents. Here are some tips…



How would you navigate without your vision?

How would you navigate without your vision?

The Senses Explained 

Close your eyes. Can you tell where you are? Do you know where your drink is, or how far away you are from the furniture? If you had no sight from this moment on how would you navigate daily activities?



What Can He See?

This video changed everything in my son’s education and development.  Annette Ferguson made the video, I have absolutely no contribution to it.  I share it with every person I can because it will change how you interact with anyone with albinism…


Live your dreams passionately and fearlessly.

Live your dreams passionately and fearlessly.

I Believe

I have opened the door wide into my role as a mother.  But I’m getting a lot of questions about me.  I thought it would help to take as a second and introduce who I am outside of motherhood…




Standard Snellen Breakdown

Standard Snellen Breakdown

What Is Legal Blindness

Legal Blindness is a pretty strong term.  If you see my son out playing you might think he’s not blind at all.  There are a lot of factors that play into the diagnosis and severity of vision impairment…



 Why We Advocate

Our newborn at two weeks old

Our newborn at two weeks old

The first Six months of Oliver’s life stand long and never-ending in my mind.  They were a torturous and fearful time.  From the moment my precious son was born we knew how different he was.  The reaction from the medical…



Always Be Kind: People First Language

Always Be Kind: People First Language

What’s In A Word: Albino

“Hey Albino.”  Is a pretty strong statement.  You’re not talking to a person but a condition.  You wouldn’t say “Hey wheelchair,” “Hey diabetes,” “hey lupus.”  When you call a person by their condition you’re limiting the scope of that person


Meet Oliver

More than just disabled

More than just disabled

In order to raise awareness most of this month’s topics will be focused on the more difficult aspects of our life.  You will learn about the challenges my son faces and the ups and downs we’ve had on the journey…


Everything you know is wrong and stop spreading these lies.

Everything you know is wrong and stop spreading these lies.

Meet Albinism: Stereotypes

Forget everything you’ve ever seen or read in pop culture about albinism.  Every “Albino” you’ve met is a lie.  Hollywood treats albinism as a mystical and mythical experience.  As if this condition were beyond the human experience….



School & Special Needs

School & Special Needs

School & Special Needs

It was a major week in the Hawk household. I’ve posted about my son’s disability and special needs before.  Since the age of 6 months Oliver has had Early Intervention in our home.  He’s had tons of Therapists to help



Throwback SoccerThrow Back Thursday: Consider What A Year Can Do

These are my boys.  Last year both were hardly mobile.  My youngest was struggling to crawl and my eldest was still afraid of a lot of terrain. Everything from the sounds to the change in ground could upset him…


Potty Training Special Needs: The True Story

“Potty Train in 3 Days.” “The best time to Potty Train is 22 months.” “All the people I know Potty Trained Wrong, Here’s How…” I have read every resource on Potty Training. Books for boys, ebooks for a weekend guaranteed…



The transition to Preschool is harder on me than my special needs son.

The transition to Preschool is harder on me than my special needs son.

Goodbye Baby

I paced around my dinning room table waiting for my son’s Preschool teacher this morning.  She visited once a week to prepare Oliver for real school as part of his IEP plan.  We all agreed in January that my son…



Born this way, waiting for the diagnosis.

Born this way, waiting for the diagnosis.

The Diagnosis

When my first child Oliver was born I didn’t feel like a Mother. I felt all encompassing love, but I also felt confused and overwhelmed. I felt like something was missing. My darling son was born with a disability…



How to feed a picky eater: special needs addition!

How to feed a picky eater: special needs addition!

How To Feed A Picky Eater

Having a child with special needs can make daily battles out of necessary activities.  Is your dinner table a battleground, do you struggle to feed your special needs child?  I am not a doctor or a n

utritionist but I can

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