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10 Reasons You Should Do Piyo

I had the opportunity to get certified as a class instructor. I wanted to get certified for Piyo Live because of my personal results and love for the program. Unfortunately, that instructor class sold out quick. I signed up for … Continue reading

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Why You Should Hide Your Scale

Since July I have worked out five to six days a week. I’ve eaten mostly clean, I’ve given up desserts. I’ve had maybe three cocktails. I have pushed my body to the limits. I have built strength and endurance. I … Continue reading

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Introducing: Featured New Blog

I work with am amazing group of people. We decided to make November No-Fear-Vember. We have all been embracing our fear and challenging ourselves. My friend, success partner, and fellow coach wrote for this blog to spread awareness about an … Continue reading

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In Honor Of You

Last weekend I crossed a major to do off of my bucket list. I am certified as an Insanity Class Instructor. I have a job lined up in a few weeks and have been practicing. I’m really excited about the … Continue reading

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Thursday Confessional: Fattest Girl At The Gym

I was the fat girl at the gym. I was even the fat girl at my Class Certification training. I was surrounded by personal trainers and class instructors. I was the rare one that was starting with Insanity. Had I … Continue reading

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The Truth Of Starving Yourself

As a woman I was taught to eat very little, avoid fats, and sugar.  It was perfectly reasonable to be addicted to diet soda, to use aspartame over real sugar, to not eat every meal.  We have a culture that … Continue reading

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Awareness Guest Post On PCOS

September is PCOS Awareness Month.  I didn’t know a lot about it but I am surrounded by the amazing women that fight it.  My partner Jill Binion from Mom On The Move wrote a little piece on what it’s like.  This … Continue reading

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